Prescription Glasses

Your vision is important to us

Do you wear glasses? If you do – have you have ever had to suffer due to cheap or poor quality glasses, then you already know just how miserable life can be. When you purchase a pair of high-quality glasses from us, you know that you are getting a pair of glasses that will stand the test of time.

When you combine a good-looking and high-quality glasses frame with quality optical lenses, you will be not only be looking and feeling better, but you will also be able to see perfectly! Our professional team can create customise frames and lenses to suit you and your personality. We understand that every face is unique and requires personal attention.

Everyone needs their glasses to help them perform different tasks; – work, school, hobbies and sport. They all require a different lens for different occasions, and we can tailor-make glasses to suit your different needs. If you have a question about a particular style or choice of lens, then don’t hesitate to contact us, our professional team will help you get the perfect pair of glasses.

When it comes to lenses, there are a lot of different styles and choices. There are lenses just for distance and close up, bifocals and also a variety of different varifocal lenses. If you need a particular lens to be fitted into custom frames for work or sport, then our professional staff may be able to accommodate you. Because we need our lenses to do a variety of different jobs there is also a wide choice of lens coatings available; scratch-proof, water-repellent, polarized lenses, anti-glare or anti-fog as well as out new blue protection coating.

If you need glasses, then don’t hesitate to contact us and let our friendly and professional team tell you how we can help you get the perfect pair of glasses.


Getting a new pair of glasses can be both exciting and frightening, whether it’s your first pair or your tenth, so we try to do our best to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible. This is one example of how we helped make a young lady’s visit to get glasses enjoyable.

Jenny came to us one day after having headaches when she used the computer. She was nervous, as it was her first time getting glasses and she didn’t really know what to expect or what she was looking for in a pair of glasses. Our dispenser Emma showed Jenny around the store to show her all the different frame styles and brands we have to choose from.

Jenny was naturally a bit overwhelmed. With so many different styles and brands to choose from, how was she to pick something? What would look good on her? With Emma’s help, Jenny managed to pick out a few pairs of frames to try on and see how they fitted and looked on her. Jenny was surprised to find out that there is a new computer program that can actually show you what you look like with the different frames on. Jenny decided that the smaller wire-framed glasses didn’t look all that good, and had an outdated feel to them. But the larger, plastic ones fitted her face well, and didn’t distract from her face much. She also liked how they made her feel fashionable and more confident, possibly even a little sophisticated.

Once Jenny had decided on a pair of frames, Emma went over the options for lenses, telling her the advantages and disadvantages of the different types, like regular lenses, light-weight, and transitional lenses, and whether to get scratch protection or not. Once Jenny placed the order, Emma told her we would call her to let her know when they were ready.

When Jenny came back to pick up her glasses, Emma was there with a smile to greet her and help her try them on, to make sure the prescription was correct and that the frames fitted. Only a minor adjustment had to be made to make sure they sat on her face right and were tight enough. Then she went over care instructions with Jenny for her glasses, making sure she had a soft cloth for wiping the lenses with and some lens cleaner. She also answered any other questions Jenny had.

Jenny was thoroughly impressed with how friendly and helpful Emma had been through the entire process, and with how she had made it pleasant and easy to get her glasses. She left us as a happy, satisfied customer and promised to return the next time she needs another pair.

Just as we helped Jenny get her glasses, we can help you find the pair that is right for you.